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Our Vision:"To partner with our clients to make a difference in lives around the world." 

We bring a proactive and progressive approach to all our projects, whether the project is Commissioning and Qualification of a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility or validation of a single piece of equipment.  We assists client companies from project master planning, through facility, utility and equipment qualification, process validation, and inspection preparation.

TVS delivers on our commitments. Our General philosophy is to take ownership of the projects and systems and integrate our team into client companies. For each project, TVS builds teams, partnering with our clients. We match expertise with your project requirements, insuring that we provide the right people for the job.  

Our Mission:"TVS strives to be an industry leader in providing high quality value added validation and compliance services"

TVS Employees come from a variety of professional backgrounds and have experience in equipment and facility design/qualification, process validation, regulatory affairs, automation, engineering, project management, research/laboratory analysis, compliance and quality assurance.

TVS thrives on fresh ideas, hard work and a shared commitment to excellence. We have managed some of the world’s most demanding validation projects, challenging the dominate paradigm each day, intent on success.

Exceeding expectations is always a priority for
TVS. We challenge the conventional wisdom of validation projects everyday through training, knowledge sharing and our "can do" attitude. Our continued success demands nothing less than the best from our entire team.



Project Focus:

We strive to treat every service we provide as a project, from start to finish; meaning that we seek to understand your needs, plan how to meet them, then implement and manage that plan. Our Project Managers develop and continuously monitor metrics for each project, including budget, schedule, and quality; then share those metrics through open and regular communication with our clients.

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